How help N helper works?

All you need to know about help N helper and how to get Support.

How to take advantage of help N helper?
Sign-up using email and password.
To start campaign you have to confirm your email.Check email inbox or spam folder for activation link.
Create a campaign with beautiful name that are useful for your desired cause of fundraising.
Step 5:

Attach supporting documents as required.

Step 6:
If you want to create a campaign on behalf of someone, please provide detailed details of the actual recipient or the person for whom he is campaigning.
Step 7:
Keep an eye on to learn about your campaign approval and progress.
No direct campaign will be allowed. First, the real issues will be verified, after verification by confirming the donation amount and then it will be accepted for fundraising. Without the authenticity, the related campaign will be deleted without prior declaration. And the entire process of investigation will be completed through the Alhaj Shamsul Haq Foundation.
In the context of your application, no donation will be made directly to user because the security interests. All funds under the supervision of Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation will be implemented in this regard.

To make your campaign successful, share he campaign in all social media.

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