Sky is our Roof

Nomoshkar.I am Champka Rani Sharma one of the cast aways of recent flood in Shunamgonj.I am a single Widow without any Children.I have no one to look after me except myself. My house was my last resort of shelter which has been destroyed by the recent flood.Now sky is my roof.So in this situation i am in great need of a house.
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Rehabilitation needed

I am Mosammot Rahima and live in Dowara Bazar Shunamgonj, Sylhet.The recent flood caused irrepairable damage to our village.In which our house and livestock has been flooded away.And now we dont have roof upon our head.So it would be a great privilege for me if a house is made for us to stay.
16 daysLeft

The house was all i ever had

My name is Md Sharif Uddin.I live in Shunamgonj, Doara Bazar Union.We have been extremely hampered particularly the people of shunamgonj due to the recent flood.I raise goats,now every pasturage been submerged and along with my only living place which was all i ever had.Now I am living under the open sky with my my goats.So if it is possible to build me a house i will be able to live in peace.
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Request for a new house

Hello, I am Abdul Kadir.I live in Doara Bazar, Shunamgonj,Sylhet with four family members.In the recent flood of Sylhet our area Doara bazar under shunamgonj district has been submerged.So everything including our house been washed away by the flood.Now i dont have a house to live in and i am heartily requesting that if it is possible to built me a house so I can live with my family members.
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